Riva StarrCurveballs

"As I'm always evolving, every now and again I need to make a point about my latest sound. Curveballs has been especially written to showcase the full range of my current sound and features a carefully selected collection of tracks designed for a club environment." — Riva Starr

With all of this success and experience under his belt, the time has come for the talented Italian to deliver his much awaited fourth long-player, Curveballs – comprising of 11 stellar tracks inspired by current club sounds and old school music elements, driven by Starr's endeavor to produce music that stands the test of time.

The LP's striking opener, 'Always' gets things underway and sets the tone with its powerful house groove, warm chord stabs and divine soulful vocal courtesy of legendary house diva Jocelyn Brown. Elsewhere, there's the funk-driven disco-tinged 'Piknik', the uplifting 'Needin' U' esque 'Disco Loco', the dark and commanding 'The Hole (Release Your Soul)' and the pounding peak-time synth-laden roller 'Give Me Love'.

  1. Always Feat. Jocelyn Brown
  2. Piknik
  3. Disco Loco
  4. The Hole (Release Your Soul)
  5. Give Me Love
  6. Britcoin (In Da House)
  7. Fresh
  8. The Simplest Word
  9. AnalHog
  10. Ride
  11. Mantra (Early In The Morning)



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